Supply & Distribution Coordinator

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Overview: You’ll play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth flow of spare parts while fostering teamwork and a culture of excellence.



  • Warehouse Mastery/Inventory Control: Manage goods receipt, allocate parts accurately, handle sales orders, and maintain a tidy warehouse space in our ERP software.
  • Logistics Coordination: Pack outgoing parts and assist with US Customs matters, ensuring a seamless shipping process.  Assist customers and brokers with issues relating to US Customs related matters by taking enquiries and obtaining advice from the Shipping Specialist or Credit, Export and Trade Finance Supervisor
  • Procurement Excellence: Source spare parts from local and international suppliers, optimize vendor relationships, and employ Lean Manufacturing Principles.
  • Inventory Control Expertise: Maintain inventory accuracy, assign items to locations, and collaborate with inventory control teams for effective monitoring.
  • Shipping Oversight: Verify order accuracy, coordinate delivery, and ensure precise commercial invoices for international shipments.
  • Facilities Management: Maintain the Salt Lake City Warehouse to ensure optimal functionality.
  • Continuous Improvement: Contribute insights during toolbox talks, continually enhance product knowledge, and drive value through your role.
  • Vendor Management: “QSIP” Quality, Service, Innovation, Price
  • Develop New Vendors to improve purchase pricing and delivery time (as per the Vendor Take On process)



  • Education: Relevant education in supply chain or related fields.
  • Experience: Demonstrated experience in warehouse control, logistics coordination, procurement, and inventory management.
  • Skills: Proficiency in ERP software (Microsoft Dynamics 365 FinOps), logistics, and procurement principles.
  • Traits: Detail-oriented, team player, problem solver, and a proactive learner.
  • Compliance: Understanding and compliance with workplace health, safety, and environmental policies.


Why Join Us:

  • Dynamic Role: Dive into a multifaceted role with diverse responsibilities.
  • Global Connections: Collaborate internally and externally, shaping a diverse professional network.
  • Continuous Growth: Enhance your skills through ongoing training and development.
  • Impactful Contribution: Your role is crucial in maintaining operational excellence and customer satisfaction.


With this client your role as a Supply & Distribution Coordinator is more than a job—it’s a vital component in their success story. Join us in fostering a thriving culture of teamwork and operational efficiency in the heart of Salt Lake City.

To apply send resume to [email protected]

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