Senior Environmental Coordinator

Location: Southern Utah

Nurturing a Greener Future In Beautiful Southern Utah, Surrounded by National Parks.


Our Client is passionate about fostering a cleaner, healthier world. Join us as a Senior Environmental Coordinator and play a pivotal role in safeguarding our planet’s precious resources.


Summary/Objective: As a Senior Environmental Coordinator, you’ll harness your specialized knowledge to protect and enhance air, land, and water resources, ensuring a pristine environment for all. Your expertise in environmental regulations, pollution control, and resource quality will drive meaningful change. Collaborating with regulatory agencies and internal teams, you’ll lead our environmental efforts, ensuring compliance, and promoting a sustainable future.


Essential Functions:

Expert Insight: Apply your professional competence and specialized knowledge of chemistry and biological science to safeguard our environment.
Resource Guardianship: Champion the protection and improvement of natural resources, enhancing the health and purity of our surroundings.
Strategic Planning: Plan, design, construct, and maintain facilities, ensuring they align with environmental standards and regulations. Your expertise will drive improvements and foster compliance.
Regulatory Collaboration: Interface with regulatory agencies to direct our environmental initiatives, fostering strong partnerships and compliance.
Auditing Excellence: Contribute to annual environmental compliance audits, ensuring our operations adhere to the highest standards.
Guidance and Training: Provide environmental guidelines and support for training initiatives, empowering our team to be stewards of sustainability.
Vendor Coordination: Collaborate with external vendors to ensure regulatory compliance, fostering a shared commitment to a greener future.
Research and Evaluation: Investigate, measure, and assess environmental conditions, carrying out relevant research, advisory, and engineering activities.
Permitting Proficiency: Navigate the intricacies of permitting processes and maintain positive relationships with governmental agencies to secure permits and approvals.
Water Balance Mastery: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to maintain the site’s water balance, ensuring harmony between operations and nature.

Clear Communication: Your strong communication skills enable effective interaction with teams, regulators, and stakeholders.
Collaborative Spirit: Adept at teamwork, you thrive in an environment where collective efforts drive change.
Problem-Solving Excellence: Your analytical prowess helps address challenges and find innovative solutions.
Technical Mastery: Adept in technical aspects, your expertise propels our environmental initiatives.
Work Environment:

Your dynamic role operates in both professional office settings and the great outdoors. Engage with standard office equipment while contributing to meaningful environmental projects.

Position Type/Expected Hours of Work:

This full-time role aligns with Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m., empowering you to make a daily impact.

Required Education and Experience:

A B.S. degree in environmental engineering or related science field, coupled with a minimum of five years of field experience, positions you as a seasoned advocate for sustainability.

Preferred Education and Experience:

With 5+ years in environmental and permitting realms, alongside collaboration with regulatory agencies, you bring unparalleled insight into the world of environmental protection.

Join Us in Nurturing a Greener Future:

Our Client is committed to a world where environmental protection drives progress. Embark on this meaningful journey as a Senior Environmental Coordinator, and together, let’s champion a sustainable future for generations to come. Please send your resume to [email protected]

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