Safety/Security Manager

Location: Southern Utah

Job Description: Are you a safety and security enthusiast looking for a role where you can ensure the well-being of a team and protect valuable assets? Join our dynamic team as a Safety/Security Manager in the breathtaking setting of Southern Utah. This is an opportunity to apply your advanced knowledge and expertise to eliminate hazards, enhance safety protocols, and manage site security, all while immersing yourself in the captivating beauty of the region.



Hazards Elimination and Control: Utilize your professional engineering knowledge and skills to identify, analyze, and control occupational hazards. Apply advanced mathematical techniques, engineering principles, and analytical methods to create a safe working environment that minimizes the risk of human injury and property damage. Your expertise will be key in ensuring the safety and security of our operations.

Structural Safety Management: Direct and manage the implementation of structural safety requirements, employing failure mode analysis to address factors such as fatigue, stability, stress, concentration, and creep. Develop and apply methods for the safe installation of storage and piping systems, design protective equipment, and propose safety policies and standards that align with engineering principles. Your proactive approach to safety will shape our operations and protect our workforce.

Human Factors Integration: Apply your knowledge of psychological and physiological factors to enhance the design of safety features and controls, compensating for the potential of human errors. Collaborate with teams to create ergonomic and user-friendly systems that minimize the risk of accidents and ensure optimal safety in the operation of machinery and equipment.

Compliance and Training: Ensure compliance with relevant safety regulations, including MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) requirements. Provide and undertake MSHA-required training for employees, ensuring their readiness to mitigate potential risks. Report monthly and ad hoc statistical information as mandated by regulatory bodies, maintaining transparency and accountability.

Security Control Management: Manage the security control function for the entire mining site, minimizing the potential for unauthorized access, theft, and other security-related losses. Implement robust security measures, conduct risk assessments, and develop proactive strategies to safeguard our assets and personnel.

Technical Capacity: Demonstrate advanced technical knowledge and expertise in safety and security management. Stay updated on industry best practices, regulations, and emerging trends to drive continuous improvement.

Organizational Skills: Display excellent organizational skills, ensuring seamless coordination and implementation of safety and security protocols across the organization. Prioritize tasks, manage resources effectively, and foster a culture of safety and security.
Strategic Thinking: Employ a strategic mindset to anticipate and mitigate potential safety and security risks. Proactively identify areas for improvement, develop innovative solutions, and implement proactive measures to enhance overall safety and security posture.

Problem Solving/Analysis: Exhibit strong problem-solving and analytical skills, enabling you to assess complex situations, identify root causes of safety and security issues, and develop effective solutions. Your keen attention to detail will ensure thorough risk assessment and mitigation strategies.

Work Environment: Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring landscape of Southern Utah while working in a dynamic environment. While performing your duties, you may be exposed to fumes, airborne particles, moving mechanical parts, vibration, and extreme conditions. The noise level can be loud, but it is balanced by the invigorating surroundings.


Required Education and Experience:

Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 4 years of experience in safety-related roles, showcasing your foundational knowledge and practical experience.  We will consider candidates with appropriate experience in place of a 4 year degree.
Extensive fieldwork experience in safety, highlighting your hands-on expertise and proven track record in the field.
MSHA Certification & Trainer Certified, affirming your compliance with MSHA regulations and your ability to deliver effective safety training.

Preferred Education and Experience: Notable accolades for accomplishments in safety improvements, demonstrating your commitment to excellence and innovation in safety practices.  Preferred experience in the mining industry but we will also consider manufacturing or construction safety managers.

Join our team as a Safety/Security Manager and be at the forefront of safety and security in scenic Southern Utah. Protect lives, assets, and the environment while experiencing the captivating beauty of the region. Apply now and embark on an exhilarating journey of safety and security in one of the most picturesque locations in Utah!


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