Safety Engineer

Location: Southern Utah

Safety Engineer

Job Overview: Explore the captivating vistas of Southern Utah while championing safety as a Safety Engineer. In this role, you’ll navigate the intricacies of eliminating occupational hazards, employing cutting-edge engineering techniques, and fostering a culture of safety excellence.

Your Impactful Role:

Hazard Mitigation Expert: Identify, analyze, and control occupational hazards using advanced engineering principles, methods, and professional expertise.
Innovative Solutions: Craft structural safety requirements, devise safety features for machinery, and refine plant equipment to eradicate occupational risks.
Human-Centric Design: Apply psychological and physiological knowledge to design safety controls, ensuring machine operations account for human errors.
Training Leadership: Facilitate training sessions for new and experienced miners, spearheading annual MSHA refresher training; MSHA Blue Card preferred.
Essential Functions:

Engineering Expertise: Apply professional engineering skills to analyze and control occupational hazards, ensuring adherence to safety protocols.
Innovative Design: Develop protective equipment, revise equipment designs, and assess safety policies for alignment with engineering best practices.
Human-Centric Safety: Incorporate psychological and physiological insights into safety design, compensating for potential human errors in equipment operations.
Training Excellence: Lead training sessions for miners, providing crucial safety guidance and compliance strategies.
Required Qualifications:

Education: Bachelor’s degree in safety engineering or equivalent experience (5 years).
Certification: MSHA Blue Card preferred, showcasing a commitment to safety compliance.
Preferred Qualifications:

Accolades in Safety: Recognition or awards for exceptional safety achievements, highlighting a dedication to continuous safety improvements.

Join us in the scenic landscapes of Southern Utah as a Safety Engineer, where your role will be instrumental in shaping a culture of safety excellence. Embrace the challenges of enhancing safety measures while enjoying the unparalleled beauty of our surroundings.

To apply send resume to [email protected]

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