Mining Manager

Location: Southern Utah

Mining Manager Role in Scenic Cedar City, Utah

Are you ready to lead dynamic mining operations amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Cedar City, Utah?

Join our open pit brownfield Mine as our Mining Manager and embark on a thrilling journey of innovation, efficiency, and environmental stewardship in the mining industry.

Role Overview: As the Mining Manager, you’ll be at the helm of geologically controlled mining operations, driving productivity, safety, and profitability while ensuring strict adherence to environmental regulations. Collaborating closely with our geological team, you’ll spearhead strategic planning, operational supervision, and resource management to optimize our mining activities and achieve operational excellence.



Strategic Mine Planning: Utilize your expertise to develop comprehensive mine plans and designs tailored to narrow-veined skarn deposits, optimizing mining layouts and sequences to maximize ore recovery while minimizing dilution and loss. Your innovative approach will drive efficiency and profitability.

Operational Supervision: Lead and coordinate all mining activities, from drilling and blasting to loading and hauling, ensuring seamless operations and adherence to safety and environmental standards. Implement best practices for ore extraction, handling, and transportation while maintaining high safety and environmental standards Your hands-on leadership will inspire excellence among our team.

Resource Optimization: Effectively manage mining resources, including equipment, personnel, and consumables, to meet production targets within budgetary constraints. Your strategic resource allocation will drive cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Safety and Environmental Compliance: Champion a strong safety culture and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and procedures, conducting regular inspections, audits, and training sessions to promote a safe and sustainable work environment.

Environmental Stewardship: Implement environmental management practices to minimize the impact of mining operations on the surrounding environment, collaborating with the environmental team to develop and oversee reclamation plans for mined-out areas.


Budgeting and Reporting:

  • Prepare annual operating budgets and forecasts for the mining department, monitor expenditures, and identify cost-saving opportunities.
  • Generate regular reports on mining performance, production metrics, and key performance indicators for senior management review.
  • Directs the review of mine production costs and product quality and modifies production and inventory control programs to maintain and enhance profitable operation of division.
  • Directs preparation of accounting records for budgetary, production efficiency or other such purposes.
  • Recommends budgets to senior management, including staff use, technology, facility and equipment requirements or improvements.

Why Join Us:

Dynamic Work Environment: Experience the thrill of working in a combination of office and mine processing settings, surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of Cedar City, Utah.
Cutting-Edge Operations: Be part of an innovative team driving forward-thinking mining operations, including future underground mining plans.
Career Growth: Unlock your full potential with ample opportunities for career advancement and professional development within our organization.
Meaningful Impact: Make a tangible difference as you contribute to sustainable mining practices and environmental stewardship initiatives.


Bachelor’s degree in mining engineering, geological engineering, or related field.
5-7 years of experience in open pit and underground mining operations, with a focus on narrow-veined deposits.
Strong leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.
Proficiency in mine planning software and CAD tools.
Commitment to safety, environmental stewardship, and operational excellence.
Join Us in Shaping the Future of Mining: If you’re ready to take on this exciting challenge and make a positive impact in the mining industry, apply now to join our team.


To apply send resume to [email protected]

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