Land Manager

Client currently farms 25,000 acres across central/SW Idaho with excellent management in place for agronomy, accounting, marketing, operations etc.  Current Management has strong desire and goal to continue to grow. Need Land Manager with a focus on our land base and desire to increase the pace of growth and maintain profitability. Although this position is technically a “buyer’s position”, it will take a true salesman at heart with strong sales instinct and skill in order to buy/lease/rent more land. Land and Compost are critical resources to farms and need someone who can target that specific asset.

Fertilizer and land comprise roughly 30% of our $50MM annual spend. It is of tantamount importance that we spend these dollars well and expand wisely. These two categories are our number 1 and 2 expenses. Historically this position has been handled by different individuals. This newly created position is a priority in order to accommodate our ambitious growth aspirations. Report to General Manager.

Duties: all involve Land/Compost/Water

  • Renew Leases with existing Landlords
  • Find Temporary Acres
    • Find New 1 year potato deals
    • Find New 1 year beet deals
    • Find long term 1 year potato deals
    • Find long term 1 year beet deals
    • Find New potato/beet combo 2 year deals
    • Find long term potato/beet combo 2 year deals
  • Find Long term leases
    • Find New land to lease on a long term basis – 3 to 5 year leases with the intent of continual renewal
  • Find Land to buy
    • May be purchased by client or purchased by leasing company on a lease back
  • Compost/manure
    • Find new sources
    • Maintain relationship with existing sources
  • Water Management
    • Serve on MID board
    • Serve on MVGWA Board
    • Attend water meetings for other water districts
  • Other miscellaneous activities from time to time – We are a small company and you have to be on the team and help out when needed


  • Salary Base of 90k to 120k DOE plus bonus ($130k-$200K total potential)
  • Bonus for new acres found based on longevity and margin of lease or purchase
    • Use preset profitability formulas to figure out margin per crop
    • Determine applicable time frame, ie length of lease, or purchase
    • Multiply margin X duration X commission factor = Commission
  • Bonus for all compost/manure
    • Compare commercial fertilizer value to compost cost and determine % discount
    • Theoretical $ saved X commission factor = Commission
  • All bonuses paid out 1/3 for 3 years starting at the completion of each year.
    • This is to promote longevity in the position
    • Volunteer quit or for cause termination results in loss of unvested bonuses.
  • Noncompete and NDA required for applicable geography, vendor base, and time
  • 401k Matching, cell phone, lap top, vehicle stipend, paid vacation, fuel card (standard for all employees)
  • Total Value of salary and bonuses to be targeted at 130k-200k depending on performance

Skills required

  • Thorough knowledge of Excel specifically as well as the rest of Microsoft Office
  • Strong social skills
  • Self starter – this is a department of 1 with little supervision
  • Strong financial skills
  • Strong math skills
  • Working knowledge or ability to learn quickly of real estate transactions, leases, easements etc
  • Preexisting social network in the ag community in Southern/Western Idaho is a plus but not required

Job Requirements

  • Travel across Southern/Western Idaho on a weekly basis – home at night
  • Out of town travel not expected more than 5-6 times per year
  • Must live in applicable geography to interface with landlords, vendors on a regular basis
  • 40-50 hours per week
  • Answer urgent calls, texts, email on the weekend. (there should not be that much but farms do run 24/7 and there will be the occasional unexpected situation)

Anticipated Start Date – We are eager to hire for this position and start the process of growing and improving and would welcome someone as soon as they are able.

To apply send resume to [email protected]

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