Lab Manager

Location: Cedar City, Utah

Energize Your Career in the Thrilling World of Cutting-Edge Mining in Scenic Southern Utah.

Job Description:¬† Are you ready to embark on an electrifying adventure in the heart of stunning Southern Utah? Join our dynamic team at the forefront of an exciting startup venture as a Lab Manager, where you’ll play a pivotal role in powering the future of mining operations. This is your chance to showcase your expertise, elevate your career, and revel in the allure of an extraordinary work environment.

Summary/Objective: The Lab Manager position is far more than overseeing lab activities; it’s about being the conductor of innovation. Your role is to harmonize the laboratory support staff, orchestrate the inventory of cutting-edge research lab equipment, and fine-tune laboratory processes to perfection. You’ll ensure not only the effective operation of all equipment but also the adherence to all regulatory requirements, making this role truly instrumental in our mission.

Essential Functions
Guardian of Safety: Supervise health and safety functions, making our lab a secure hub of innovation.
Innovation Leader: Evaluate new equipment and raw materials for safety and performance.
Chemical Experience: Take the lead in overseeing the purchase of gases and chemicals essential for lab excellence.
Regulatory Navigator: Collaborate with various regulatory agencies as needed, keeping us in tune with industry standards.
Standardization Management: ¬†Develop standard operating procedures and maintain meticulous records to ensure we’re in regulatory harmony.
Equipment Manager: Maintain laboratory equipment and keep inventory levels for supplies in perfect harmony.
Laboratory Leader: Lead the lab functions, ensuring the equipment and facilities receive the care and maintenance they deserve.
Quality Assurance Champion: Oversee procurement of supplies, preventive maintenance of facility equipment, and quality control checks through daily rounds.
Budget Responsibility: Create and administer the annual budget, allowing us to continue our symphony of success.

Problem Solving Maestro: Analyze complex issues and conduct experiments in creative problem-solving.
Ethical Navigator: Guide the team with unwavering ethical conduct.
Communication Virtuoso: Conduct symphonies of collaboration with ease.
Learning Pioneer: Foster a culture of continuous learning, where every day is a new note in your career journey.
Supervisory Responsibility

This position is not just about managing; it’s about conducting a symphony of talent. You will lead and manage all employees in the department, guiding their performance and playing a role in shaping their professional futures.

Required Education and Experience
Innovator with Experience: A minimum of five years of experience in a laboratory, especially in the dynamic world of mineral processing.
Science Scholar: A bachelor’s degree in a science field.

Preferred Education and Experience
Mastermind of Science: A master’s degree in a science field.
Unique Rural Experience: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Southern Utah’s rural landscape, where picturesque vistas and outdoor adventures await you. This opportunity allows you to work amidst nature’s wonders, providing a perfect balance between work and play.

Growth Opportunities: As a pioneer in the startup phase of our mine, you’ll have unparalleled opportunities for professional growth and career advancement. Expand your horizons as you help shape the future of the industry. Your journey begins here, where your career meets adventure in the heart of Utah’s rugged beauty.

To apply send resume to [email protected]

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