Location: Cedar City, Utah

Job Description:

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the treasures of the Earth? Join our dynamic team at the forefront of mining for copper, silver, and gold in a captivating Skarn deposit. As a Geologist, you’ll be an indispensable part of our mission to uncover these precious resources and explore the geological wonders that lie beneath the surface. This is your opportunity to shine in a career that’s as deep and exciting as the earth itself.  This mine is open pit.


Essential Functions

Master of Geological Science: Utilize cutting-edge software to create intricate maps, from cross-sections to seismic models, revealing the hidden treasures of the earth.
Mineral knowledge: Investigate the intricate connection between geology and ore formation, unearthing new mineral resources that fuel our endeavors.
Production strategy: Influence short-term and long-term mine production plans by analyzing geological data.
Drill Rig Supervisor: Take charge of drill rig supervision, QAQC tasks, sample processing, and data management during drilling programs.
Mapping expert: Keep all open pit and potential underground mapping up to date, charting our progress beneath the surface.
Geological Leader: Conduct surveys and interpret geological data to inform drilling and production procedures, guiding us to rich deposits.
Safety Leader: Ensure that all operations strictly adhere to health and safety regulations.
Collaboration ability: Collaborate with a diverse group of experts, including geologists, engineers, metallurgy specialists, and mine workers.
Craft comprehensive reports on drilling results, mapping progress, resource depletion, and reconciliation, capturing the Earth’s geological narratives.

Geological Passion: A deep-seated knowledge of and enthusiasm for mining geology.
Ability to collaborate with technical experts from various fields.
Approach geological challenges with a methodical and analytical mindset.
Ability to work seamlessly with a diverse team, each note contributing to the geological symphony.
A highly motivated self-starter, always eager to explore the unknown.
Possess sharp and attentive communication capabilities, ensuring that geological insights are understood and embraced.
Supervisory Responsibility

This role occasionally involves supervising drilling operations and collaborating with external contractors who are eager to join our geological expedition.


Work Environment

Your role is not limited to an office; it extends to the dynamic mining and field environment, where you’ll wield exploration tools and harness the power of cutting-edge computers to uncover Earth’s treasures.


Required Education and Experience

Geological Scholar: A Bachelor’s degree in geology, geoscience, or a related field is a must.
A minimum of 4 – 5 years of experience in Mining Geology and Exploration, honing your geological instincts.
Skarn Specialist: Experience in metalliferous/base metal geological exploration with a deep knowledge of Skarn deposits.

Preferred Education and Experience

Master of Geological Arts: A master’s degree in a science field, taking your geological journey to new depths.
Join us in this exciting geological adventure, where your career delves into the Earth’s mysteries and treasures. It’s a journey that goes beyond the ordinary, into the extraordinary world of mining geology.

To apply send resume to [email protected]

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