Cover Letters


  • Understand that a coverletter is a sales tool.  You are the product being sold.
  • 1st Paragraph – tell the receiver why or what you are applying for.
  • 2nd Paragraph – point to experience not on your resume that might be applicable.  Also highlight information on your resume that you want to draw the receivers’ attention to or that requires additional explanation.
  • 3rd Paragraph – positive close, ask the receiver for an interview.

Sample Coverletter


Mr. John Smith
ABC Company
Anytown, US 44444

Dear Mr. Smith,

I would like to schedule an appointment to speak with you about XYZ position.  I have an excellent track record working as an XYZ.  I would like an opportunity to learn more about the career opportunities with your company.

For your review, I’m enclosing a copy of my resume.  In that resume, you’ll notice that I have XYZ skills.  What is not included in my resume is my knowledge, background or skills in XYZ.

I will be calling your office on Tuesday afternoon to see when we can schedule some time for me to visit with you,

I look forward to meeting you.


Bob Brown.

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