Timing and Opportunities

Why it’s important to get back to a recruiter even if you’re not ready to jump jobs right away.

Even if you are in a position you don’t plan on leaving anytime soon, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the market and the trends of supply and demand and even your competition.  Staying relevant in your field and understanding what challenges may arise will only benefit you as you path your career forward.  When you are approached for a possible opportunity, be timely in your response.  Waiting until you are actively seeking employment several months or years down the road could lead to prolonged unemployment, missed opportunities, and you may then realize the job market in your field has drastically changed.  Getting back to Recruiters will leave a good impression and maximize your chances of being approached for better future opportunities.  You also have the chance to clarify the direction you are hoping to go.

Recruiters receive a plethora of opportunities across multiple industries and even if the position you were approached for originally is not viable, you can set the stage for your next move.  You never know when unforeseen changes may arise that will propel you into a job search, such as your company being acquired, layoffs, realizing there are no advancement opportunities that align with your goals and much more.  The best opportunities are not usually easy to come by even for the most qualified individuals.  Responding quickly will ensure you don’t miss out!  Having good connections with advocates that understand what employers are seeking can be a huge benefit while navigating today’s job market. After all, success is built on relationships.