Warehouse/Operations Support Manager

Location: Idaho

As the Warehouse/Operations Support Manager, your most important role is to effectively manage our 4 packing lines and cold storage facilities during watermelon, sweet corn, and pumpkin harvest. You will ensure quality control on product and sizing, while ensuring crews are handling and storing produce properly. You will also oversee the sorting lines, securing proper maintenance, and making necessary adjustments as crops change throughout the season. Management experience: Supervise employees: between 15-115 throughout the year.

Harvest is the most demanding time of year, from July to the end of October. More flexibility is granted the rest of the year. Some of your important duties/characteristics are the following:

  • Lend support where needed and be willing to be a ‘jack of all trades.’
  • In spring/summer, assist in drip irrigation set up and managing inputs, such as: seed, plants, chemical and fertilizer.

You can expect to work 50% out in the field, 50% in the warehouse/office.


Job Duties by Season:


  • Oversee greenhouses (water, fertilizer, temperature, general organization & tracking)
  • Shipment and some delivery of: plastic, drip, filters, and plants to field
  • Receiving (plants, drip, plastic, parts)
  • Manage crews for installing drip irrigation systems
  • Order irrigation parts
  • Organize and keep sheds stocked
  • Oversee chemigation
  • Manage chemicals
  • Ensure applications are recorded correctly
  • Create SOPs for spraying chemicals
  • Manage liquid fertilizer


  • Run 4 sorting lines during harvest (watermelon, sweet corn, pumpkins)
  • Office paperwork
  • Process trucks
  • Run DSD program
  • Help locate trucks
  • Assist in the administration of food safety


  • Sales
  • Order packaging
  • Work on freight deals
  • Inventory
  • Design upcoming drip irrigation
  • Order drip tape/plastic/drip systems
  • Plant and seed ordering

Main areas of work:

Drip irrigation
Office support

Farming background
Experience in the following areas

To apply send resume to [email protected]

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